The 3-7 Day Online Group Liquid Cleanse

Doors Close: Sunday, August 4th Cleanse Starts: Monday, August 5th

Do you want to look and feel VERY different in just 3-7 days?


HOW ABOUT detoxing your colon and liver; giving your digestive system a chance to rest?




    Whether it's your first cleanse or your one hundredth, get everything you need to plan out the best Cleanse & Detox for YOU!


    Choose from 30 juice and smoothie recipes. Choose all juices, all smoothies, or a combination - it's up to you!


    Join our wellness community to keep you connected, motivated, and inspired


    Share photos and recipes, celebrate your progress with others, and get your questions answered.


    We'll work hard to keep you on track and feeling good throughout your CLEANSE/DETOX experience.


Juices & Smoothies are not provided as a part of this program.

This program provides all of the instructions, support, and guidance you need to cleanse for 3-7 days. You can choose between making your own juices or having them delivered. (recommendations provided)

Early Bird Price - $97

Full Price - $125


You want to lose a few pounds

You want to get rid of sugar cravings

You want to feel lighter

You want to feel refreshed, revived, and rejuvenated.

You want to gain energy

You want to gain mental clarity

You want to clear up some health issues

You want to feel re-inspired and motivated for life

You want to challenge yourself and see if you can do it

In just 3-7 days you really will not believe how different you will look and FEEL...

Here's more of what you will get:


Immune-boosting juices & smoothies to invigorate the body and mind – such as the Lemon Ginger Blast, Pineapple Beet Juice, Raw Lemonade, The Immune Booster, Easy Come Go-Ji Berry Smoothie and you get our Jucing Jumpstart ebook that has more recipes.

Tropical flavours to inspire your dreams and goals including Fruity Tumeric Tonic, Pine-Apple-Berry Juice, Mono-Melon Smoothie, Luke’s Passion Smoothie, Young Coconut Smoothie.

Delicious and filling shakes that are nutrient-rich AND guilt-free like the Mango & Spinach Smoothie, Chocolate Oat Smoothie, Strawberry Pudding Thick Shake.




    Everything you need to know about how to get organized for the program and how to deal with challenges along the way. This is your go-to guide to ensure you stay on track before, during, and after the program.


    Not sure what you want to do? Do you need ideas for how your cleanse could look? No worries! This eBook will give you three very different 7-day plans to choose from that cover beginners through to advanced. Modifications are also given along with suggested recipes from the collection.


    One recipe per page so you can print out the ones you want to use and save the rest. The recipes are ordered from the most simple juices through to the heavier smoothies  The recipes are all delicious, and diverse, to suit all tastes, needs.


    This page will be your one-stop resting place for all of the key aspects of your cleanse. Among other things you'll be naming your cleanse, setting an intention for your CLEANSE! journey and much more! This is my favourite document within the whole program, it's almost like magic!


    This page is for planning out your menu in advance so you know exactly what you'll be consuming and when. There's also an area to write your shopping list so that you can get your ingredients in 1-2 days before we start.


    This Journal will be INVALUABLE to you as you move day-by-day through the cleanse. There's lots of different pieces to it that will enable you to keep a full account of what transpired in all aspects, and places to capture any stats such as weight, water, fat and more. Past participants love their Journal and keep them filed for future reference.

Ready To Begin?... Join Now! Ready To Begin?... Join Now! Ready To Begin?... Join Now! Ready To Begin?... Join Now! Ready To Begin?... Join Now! Ready To Begin?... Join Now! Ready To Begin?... Join Now!


  • Private Member Area

    This is a password-protected online home for all of your program materials and call recordings. Everything will be housed within this portal and you'll have lifetime access. You receive access to everything above as soon as you sign-up.

  • Material Download

    All program materials are downloadable in PDF format. Each piece comes with a separate audio which talks you through how to complete each step. Everything is yours to keep and refer to over and over. INSTANT ACCESS.

  • Private Chat Group

    You'll have access to a private online portal where you can share the GROUP journey with fellow participants. There is also a separate 'Questions for Andretta' section where you can ask specific questions outside of calls for more urgent help.

  • Welcome Group Call

    We'll meet at 8am CST on Saturday 3rd of August 2024 to connect as a group and you'll have the opportunity to share your CLEANSE! plan as well as receive any before-we-get-started live support. The recording will be uploaded to the Private Members Area an hour after it completes.

  • Daily Voice Emails

    Every day at 7 am central standard time,  you'll receive an email from Andretta which will contain a motivating voice message to cheer you on and support you from August 4th , through the entire 7 days of the GROUP CLEANSE! + a couple of days after. This could be just the thing that makes all of the difference!

  • Support Calls

    We'll meet live as a group in the community starting Monday, August 4th at 7am CST.  These calls are here to support you in whatever way you need it. People usually share successes, challenges & breakthroughs. INVALUABLE.

Early Bird Price - $97

full price - $125

Access to Juicing Jumpstart E-book

This Juicing Jumpstart E-book( $22 value) will be your guided companion to help you on your journey

In short, you'll receive everything you need, except the juices, to have an AMAZING 3-7 day cleansing with other women & men just like you!

You will also receive a special bonus:

What to do after the Cleanse/Detox

If you are interested in keeping the "really good feeling and results", you will receive a copy of our Eat Deliciously E-Book ($22 value) to keep you on track.

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Is this a DIY cleanse, a group cleanse or both?

It’s either or both!

You can choose to follow the program as given to you anytime you want to use it, solo at home… (You gain instant access to all you need as soon as you sign up.) OR you can participate in the next live run of the program (in an online group situation) which begins with a Welcome Call on the  Saturday,  before the group begins on every first Sunday of each month.

What makes this program different to other cleanses out there?

Our Cleanse is more than just a juice, smoothie or soup cleanse. It’s a week-long journey to clear physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual clutter. Think of it as a retreat—a week focused on you, transforming your body, face, and mood each day.

Choosing to Cleanse and Detox is a gift to yourself, especially if you commit to the full week. You control your Cleanse/Detox journey, deciding how much you want to cleanse. Daily calls provide support and make the experience amazing and communal. Participants find these calls invaluable.

When you join a monthly Cleanse/Detox you feel part of something special, witnessing your journey and the journeys of others.

Do I have to make my own juices/smoothies?

Our Cleanse/Detox retreat lets you create your own unique program using provided recipes, made in your own home. You can choose to make only juices, do a smoothie cleanse, make living soups or combine all three to fit your needs.

This approach is cost-effective and allows you to discover what you like and what works best for you, making adjustments as needed. However, you don’t have to make your own drinks. If you prefer, you can buy a juice/smoothie cleanse package from a third-party. A list of juice cleanse providers is available in the Members Area.

What equipment do I need?

If you plan to make your own juices, you will need a juicer. 

If you plan to include smoothies in your CLEANSE!, you will need a blender.

If you plan to incorporate live soups, you will only need a good blender. 

If you are purchasing all your juices or having someone else make them, you won't need any equipment.

How do I know what produce to buy?

You will create your shopping list based on your pre-CLEANSE! prep work. 

The produce you need and its quantity will depend on the type of CLEANSE/Detox  you choose and its duration. 

Signing up early is recommended so you can start planning as soon as you access the handouts.

Do I have to cleanse all 7 days?

Not at all 😀

I recommend that you cleanse for a minimum of three days to feel some real benefits, and also be open to the possibility of going for all seven days if you feel that you want to keep going.

Some people join our Cleanse/Detox program knowing that they only want to do three days, while others are already committed to seven. If you have chronic issues, you may chose to keep going and that is perfectly fine. 

The most important thing is that you do what feels right for YOU.

What happens after I sign-up?

After checkout you will receive an email that will let you know how to access the program content, how to post questions it’s all in the online portal) and how to access the live Group Calls.

We recommend that you keep that email somewhere safe where you can easily access it again in the future.

All  call recordings will also be uploaded to the Members Area within 3-4 hours of the call taking place.

What exactly do I get?

You can find the complete list above, but in summary:

  • 30 Juice, Smoothie and (30 in total)
  •  Calls + Recordings
  • 6x CLEANSE! Handouts (including Recipe eBook)
  • 1 Juicy Bonuses – Eat Delicious Ebook
  • Daily voice messages via email (1 per day for 10 days total)
  • Private Chat Group

How do I join the calls?

All calls take place live in the Community group and you will receive the access information when you join the program.

You are welcome to join via video or phone, but my preference is to see you on video as it creates a stronger connection to each participant.Add an answer here.

How do I get support/my questions answered?

Every Live Call is dedicated to answering any and all questions that may be coming up.

There is also a dedicated ‘Questions for Andretta’ thread in the Online Chat Group.

Every question asked will be answered! Just be sure to attend a live call and ask it there or post your question in that Question thread the online Chat Group.

What do I need to do to prepare for this program?

The Welcome Guide & Overview explains everything you need to know.

The main thing to be aware of is that there will be some planning you’ll need to do before you start the CLEANSE/Detox– this is where the handouts come in handy – and you’ll need to ensure that you have a juicer and/or blender and the relevant ingredients ready for when you begin.

Alternatively, if you are planning on ordering in a pre-made juice cleanse then you’ll want to make sure that you are ready to go when the time comes.

 Some juice cleanses arrive frozen so if that’s the case you’ll want to make sure they are delivered on the Saturday or Sunday to give them adequate time to defrost.

How much is this program?

Full Price: $125

Early Bird Price: $97  (good until July 31st)

What's your refund policy?

Once purchased, there is no refund on this program, because you gain INSTANT ACCESS to all of the materials. and the community link.

You have lifetime access to this program, so don’t worry if it turns out at the last minute that you cannot participate this time around (although we will miss you!).

You will still be able to create your own Cleanse/Detox experience from the materials and recordings of the calls.

If you wish to start with new monthly group (helps for motivation), you have an option to begin for a discount each month of $50. Here you will get updated information about the cleanse/detox.

How long do I get access for?

You have lifelong access to all of the materials and recordings provided during this CLEANSE/Detox, including access to the chat group.

The Live Calls complete on on the 7th day. 


No problem! You can reach us via andretta@brownwomenwellness.com or via our contact page.

We aim to reply to all emails as quickly as possible Monday-Friday, with the exception of public holidays.

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