Welcome! We are Andretta and Aaqila, a mother-daughter team on a mission for holistic health. We're thrilled you're here, joining us on a path shaped by resilience, wisdom, and the pursuit of wellness. 

Andretta's story is one of overcoming - through relentless searches for healing beyond conventional medicine; she's turned two decades of personal trials into a treasure trove of wellness wisdom. Her experiences, once challenges, now fuel our mission to offer hope and holistic guidance.

Aaqila, blending her wisdom, family knowledge, and youthful zest, shares her transition to embracing a balanced, health-conscious lifestyle. She embodies living life fully while nurturing one's well-being, proving it's possible to savor life's pleasures without compromise.

Together, we've crafted Brown Women Wellness as a sanctuary for empowerment, education, and transformation. Our mission isn't just about physical health; it's a holistic journey encompassing emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Our platform is a beacon for brown women everywhere, encouraging a deeper connection with oneself beyond the superficial.

Our beliefs are steadfast:

  • Aging doesn't dictate decline.
  • Empowered health choices are paramount.
  • Genuine self-care shines from within.

We stand against accepting discomfort as normal. Instead, we advocate for a life of vibrancy, clarity, and vitality.

Join us in rejecting societal norms that limit black and brown women. 

Welcome to your new beginning with Andretta and Aaqila. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.